Plantamex is a reliable supplier of quality products to the food & beverage industry in more than 35 countries, the main products are:


Mexican Pimento Allspice

Chia seeds


Corn husks

Mexican herbs

Dried herbs & Spices

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Presentatios & specifications

Products’ presentations & specifications include:

Coarse cut
Fine cut
Powder Blendings
Loose herbal infusions.
Herbal Bouquets
& special requirements…

Teas & infusions

Fruit Teas
Aromatic Teas
Functional Herbal Teas
Customized Blends

Spice seasonings

Bio Sterilization

The treatment with BIO ST reduces the microbial load, which allows us to have better control over the product, in accordance with the needs of the most demanding and regulated international markets. This technology offers endless possibilities to market your products.

Our BIO ST technology with dry steam preserves the product’s characteristics such as color, taste, aroma, moisture and volatile oils without modifying them.

Our passion is driven by innovation, so we strive to develop new products based on the needs and preferences of our business partners. We work hand in hand with your R&D area to develop innovative and high-value products.